Saturday, 12 January 2013

What is femdom porn?

Femdom is basically known as sexual interest in feet especially women love to have foot worship by their partners. Femdom itself is known as female domination. Most of the females want foot worship from their partners while having sex, so that they can dominate in sexual intercourse. 

Now a days there are lot of Femdom Clip video which clearly show how a female partner want their partner to suck their feet to have some extra fun while having sex. This will help to have female dominate her partner in sex and also they will treat men as slaves which is also known as Femdom humiliation.

This has started from many years ago where the female partner is known as mistress and will also pee directly in to their partner’s mouth which also known as Femdom Golden Shower golden shower. While the male partner is sucking female organs, mistress will love to pee inside the male partner mouth to dominate him.

These days it has been a part of sexual intercourse for human beings and also there were many videos been filmed in porn to show how a female dominate their partner with Freedom and also every male partner love to have Freedom humiliation by their partner and also they are ready to get drink the pee from their female partners to make her happy.
Basically women love to humiliate their partners while having sex but most of them will never show while having sex. They like to insert dildo’s in male ass to make them cry, and also they want to beat them with a stick on men’s back which will make them feel dominant over their partner in sexual inter course.  Sometimes women tie their partner with a rope and play with his pennies. 

Female partner always wanted to dominate males in sex with many other ways, they also make the male partner to suck their pussy and love to squirt and pee in their mouth which makes them feel satisfaction. They treat men like slaves and torture them to the core. This is not only with male in male and female sexual intercourse but also when two females are playing with their body one of the female will dominate and humiliate to get satisfied.

Most of the time women uses whip to beat male partner on his ass and also will squeeze his pennies after tying his with all kind of huge chains and also will cover his face so that he cannot see what exactly she is trying to do. This kind of play is everywhere across the globe and most of the time female partner use their toy boys to have such kind of fun because it may not be possible for them to have fun with their husbands at home. Females makes toy boys in office or from a common friends to make their desires fulfilled. Most of the times group of females will try to dominate one person specially they love to dominate young guys.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Fast Guide to best pages at Bossy Girls

These sites are all worthy of subscription. Our site depends on subscribers and purchases of services and goods from their pages to maintain itself. BOSSY GIRLS is a site that strives to present to the world the beauty and thrill of young femdom. We believe that submission to Superior Teen Girls that ought to be worshiped and obeyed as Divine Princesses is beneficial to the girls and their underlings Al teen in our videos are 18+ The promoted sites have their documentation. If you suspect that some sites have minors, inform us.
This is a top Face sitting and Smothering site. SMOTHER.DE For submissive people, this is one of the most pleasant femdom experience because it brings direct contact with body and smell of the domineering girl.. One of their many Good Videos humorously titled by us: What you need is exigent Eastern European girl on your face 6.5MB video

Brazilian Femdom
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Bossy Girls can produce for you custom made videos and photos with Brazilian and Colombian girls. The girls do accept clothing and shoes gifts. Send us your video script or descriptions of what you wish to see in the photos and videos. Please note that the girls do not speak English.

Payment details are issued only after your request is found acceptable by the girls and the volunteer/s. All girls are 18+. Proof of age documentation stays on file at Bossy Girls. Do not ask for vomit or face scat. We do female domination photos and videos of girls that are willing to amuse themselves and earn money and from guys who are willing to be their subjects. The girls are not professional models. They are real girls that demonstrated a tough attitude.

Contact us if you have real intention to purchase. Refunds are not possible. The payment must be done before we start producing

If any of the girls of Bossy Girls sponsored productions attracted your attention, we will investigate the availability and willingness to work per your script

Some of the girls that appear in Bossy Girls sponsored productions are willing to do in person femdom session if you visit Cali Colombia. See Cali Femdom Club
Wicked Forest Witches
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Golden Showers are our best specialties
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